Wednesday, September 11, 2013


At this moment, sipping a cup of tea as it flows into my stomach with the sensation of tepid. It gives me the strength and temptation to digress into the ‘acclaimed world of writing’ which I often refer to as ‘the scribbler’s note.’ “I am passionate about writing.” That’s what I frequently say it for the interest of self. However, the very fact is in fact, I am slothful and sluggish in my own ways. My devotion is less to the extent of my craving thoughts.

Let me digress a bit from this subject as I can observe many special things transpiring simultaneously while I am filling up this fresh Microsoft word page. Indeed a blessing in disguise for me to add some taste. So funny, my only roommate tonight is no more chatting as he has fallen off to an exhausted slumber and his Facebook account is still lying open, wide and clear. Presuming, he left out to the world of dreams triggered by the amusement of Facebook that he even forgot to shut down his laptop. He is experiencing such a deep sleep, his loud snores are actually enough to judge how deep he is sleeping. Whatsoever, let me not forget to do the forgotten part of his work. I will shut down the computer and put it in a safer place so that he does not recognizes his own blunders tomorrow morning. I will rescue him. Then, some noises coming from outside. It’s from the badminton court outside. They are playing badminton, pairs each contesting with another pair. They are enjoying game in the clear bright light which is being powerfully focused from above. Others waiting in pairs to compete with the winners. They are having fun.

Oops! I forgot to close my window, I left it slightly open. My god, ample of mosquitoes are already in now. Things are going to be worst tonight, especially those painful mosquito bites. I really can think of it. Let me try this “ALLOUT” but I hate this pungent smell which gives me a headache. I have digressed a lot. There is no way I can move it any further now, I will stop it here. 


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